Driftwood 360

… make film live

Driftwood work with the art and tech of immersive cinematic experiences. We produce our own work and collaborate with other artists and creatives in order to help them capture their work for 360 environments.

We also work with artists, designers and technologists on developing and adapting ideas, hardware and software to film and exhibit in 360.

Come talk to us about your ideas and how 360 can make them whole.

Driftwood is Nick Driftwood (film-maker, writer and technologist) and Donna Close  (producer, event- maker, strategist, curator) and composer, musician and spatial sound specialist, Kev Matthews.


film & art creation

  • The First Teardrop was an experiment in storytelling – casting 20 members of the public as a protagonist in a disappearance story set in the Atacama desert and testing how far they would go to protect the lie under cross examination. It was shown at White Night Brighton and in Nuit Blanche Amiens 2011 to an audience of 30,000.
  • ROAD transported the audience into the experience of being on a roadtrip through a year in the American south west. Nick developed a new algorithm called ‘chromarithm’ that layered the literal sound of the road and landscape onto a composed immersive symphonic experience.  New Scientist described it, “The result is something effortless and intuitive, a sense of being in some athletic “zone” where self and world are one.” Shown at Lincoln Frequency Festival, Brighton Digital Festival, Sound of Story and Live Cinema Conference. Touring now.
  • A series of small 360 ‘bubble’ snapshots of Brighton and the surrounding areas inspired by the collection of the Screen Archive South East.  The films were presented as part of the Film City exhibition at the University of Brighton as part of Cine City 2016.

event & project capture

Driftwood work with artists as part of the creation and development process and to capture the audience experience and reaction.

Recent projects include:

  • Periplum – Live event film of renowned outdoor spectacular theatre piece ‘451’ working with Corn Exchange Newbury, Greenwich & Docklands Festival and the Brighton Festival. The film has been used for reporting and in future business planning
  • Dotcomedy – Original film pitch for a new outdoor performance from international artists DotComedy. The film has been shown in pitch sessions in the UK, USA and Australia.
  • The Private Sector – An avant garde band in Brighton who use visuals, vocals and electronic music to create politically charged electro punk angst.


Art & tech advice

  • Nick Driftwood is a Panasonic ambassador and a world respected ‘hacker’ – he developed some camera settings for an early micro four thirds camera (the GH2) which Francis Ford Coppola proclaimed were his favourite look in a BAFTA award winning camera shootout. Driftwood’s settings  are found on personal View filmmaker website. Nick is passionate about how prosumer technology can be pushed to its limits to produce high quality film projects.  Nick leads demonstrations, lectures and master-classes in the photo & film industry, and, in universities  about how new tech can be incorporated into arts projects.
  • LAB360 . In 2016 as part of ♯tomtech and the Brighton Digital Festival, Driftwood ran a lab looking at new narratives for 360 film. The lab brought together practitioners who work in 4th wall bashing performance, installation and broadcast to explore together the potential of 360 film as a storytelling medium.  The participants included Toby Parks (Spymonkey) Claire Raftery (Periplum) Charlotte Vincent (Vincent Dance Theatre) Jack Lowe (Curious Directive) , Damian Goodwin (C4) and Nick and Donna from Driftwood
  • Donna Close has 25 years experience as a cultural strategist and creative producer which has included raising more than £3million of public funding for arts projects, developing an open air theatre and creating and producing the award winning festival White Night. She is an Advice and Experience adviser for the national Film Hubs.
  • Kevin Matthews is an accomplished musician and composer who studied music at Lancing College, achieving Grade 8 at 11 years old. Kevin has been performing and composing for over 10 years including tours with 2nd Class Citizen and The Illustrators. Kevin was also selected to play Chopin’s notoriously difficult Ballade No. 1 for a BBC Radio 4 production: a performance he replicated live at a sold out event at Brighton College in February 2015.
    Kevin is increasingly collaborating with film makers and animators on soundtracks for screen work. He composed the soundtrack to Driftwood’s The First Raindrop at White Night in 2011, ROAD 2015 and now Driftwood360.